Arctic Coast Guard Seminar 2019


Arctic Coast Guard Seminar 2019 | 4-5 April 2019

Thursday 4.4.2019




11.00 Opening of the Seminar
Moderator: André Noel Shaker
  Welcoming words by the Chief of the Finnish Border Guard, Lieutenant General Ilkka Laitinen
  Welcoming address (TBC)
  Aleksi Härkönen, Finland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council,
  Tero Vauraste, Chairman, Arctic Economic Council ” ”Considerations on the Increase of Arctic Maritime Activity”
  Panel Discussion Principals of the ACGF Members


12.30 Session closing remarks
12:30−13:30 Lunch break
13:30 Opening of the Session: Arctic Search and Rescue

Moderator: André Noel Shaker

Future perspective of the Arctic SAR
Johanna Ekman, Finnish Meteorological Institute, ”Arctic Regional Climate Center”
Alexander Suslov, Murmansk State Technical University, ”The methods to be used to improve the efficiency of radio communication during search and rescue operation in the Arctic”
Hanna Suutarla, Arctia Ltd, ”Multipurpose Icebreakers as resource for SAR”
Dimitrios Dalaklis, World Maritime University and Lt. Cdr. Megan Drewniak, United States Coast Guard ”Examining the Status of the United States’ and Canada’s Ice-Breaking Fleets”
Jukka Merenluoto, DIMECC, ”Smart and autonomous maritime transport in Arctic conditions”
  Coffee break
Arctic Preparedness: Training and Management Capability Development
Ove T Gudmestad and Knut Espen Solberg, University of Stavanger ”Search and Rescue Exercises in Polar Waters”
Roope Siirtola, Finnish Red Cross ”Red Cross Arctic Disaster Management”
Teemu Niemelä, Finnish Border Guard ”ChemSAR project – Operational Plans and Procedures for Maritime SAR in HNS Incidents”
18:00 Q&A

Closing remarks

Moderator: André Noel Shaker

18:30−20:00  Reception (Logomo)

Friday 5.4.2019

Moderator: René Söderman

8:45 Opening of the Session Environmental Response in Arctic Areas
Surveillance of Environmental discharges (TBC)
Svetlana Kuznetcova, Northern Arctic Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, ”Oil spill risk management in the Arctic Seas in Russia”
Tero Airissalo, Furuno Finland Oy ”Arctic SAR and OSD (Oil Spill Detection) solutions”
Coffee break
Pentti Kujala, Aalto University “Recommended practice of scenario based risk management for Polar waters”
Odd Jarl Borch, Nord University, “Nord University preparedness management lab (NORDLAB)”
Harri Ruoslahti, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, “Information Sharing between Collaboration Promote Safety and Security on the Arctic”
12:00−13:00 Lunch break
Opening of the Arctic Coast Guard Education, Research and Development
Rasmus Dahlberg, Royal Danish Defence College,  “The Arctic Search and Rescue Game”
Jussi Laine, Laurea ”Computer game environments for maritime search and rescue training”
Emmi Ikonen, Nord University,  “MAREC: Inter-organizational coordination of mass rescue operations in complex environments – Safety and preparedness challenges for the maritime expedition cruise tourism in the High North”
Coffee break
Päivi Mattila, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, “A common platform to enhance cooperation between Arctic security practitioners and other actors”
Pablo Molina, Airbus Defence and Space, “Advanced methods for improving the Arctic Maritime Surveillance”
16:00 Thank you words, closing of the Arctic Coast Guard Seminar 2019

Keynote speakers

Mr Aleksi Härkönen
Ambassador for Arctic Affairs
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Mr Ilkka Laitinen
Lieutenant General
Chief of the Finnish Border Guard

Mr Tero Vauraste
Arctic Economic Council


Mr André Noël Chaker