Arctic Coast Guard Seminar 2019


Arctic Coast Guard Seminar 2019 | 4-5 April 2019

Thursday, 4 April 2019




11.15 Opening of the Seminar
Moderator: André Noël Chaker
  Welcoming words by the Commander of West Finland Coast Guard District, Captain (CG) Marko Tuominen
  Aleksi Härkönen, Finland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council
  Jens Peter Holst-Andersen, Chair, Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response Working Group, Arctic Council
  Auðunn F. Kristinsson, Captain (CG), Chief of Operation, Icelandic Coast Guard
Tero Vauraste, Chairman, Arctic Economic Council, “Considerations on the Increase of Arctic Maritime Activity”
  Panel Discussion 


12.30 Session closing remarks
12:30−13:30 Lunch break
13:30 Opening of the Session: Arctic Search and Rescue

Moderator: André Noël Chaker

13:30–13:55 Johanna Ekman, Finnish Meteorological Institute, “Arctic Regional Climate Center”
14:00–14:25 Alexander Suslov, Murmansk State Technical University, “The methods to be used to improve the efficiency of radio communication during search and rescue operation in the Arctic”
14:30–14:55 Hanna Suutarla, Arctia Ltd, “Multipurpose Icebreakers as resource for SAR”
15:00–15:25 Dimitrios Dalaklis, World Maritime University and Lt. Cdr. Megan Drewniak, United States Coast Guard “Examining the Status of the United States’ and Canada’s Ice-Breaking Fleets”
15:30–15:55 Jukka Merenluoto, DIMECC, “Smart and autonomous maritime transport in Arctic conditions”
16:00–16:25 Coffee break
16:30–16:55 Ove T Gudmestad and Knut Espen Solberg, University of Stavanger, “Search and Rescue Exercises in Polar Waters”
17:00–17:25 Roope Siirtola, Finnish Red Cross, “Red Cross Arctic Disaster Management”
17:30–17:50 Neil O’Rourke, Canadian Coast Guard, “The Canadian Coast Guard: Implementation of an Arctic region”
18:00 Q&A

Closing remarks

Moderator: André Noël Chaker

18:30−20:00  Reception (Logomo)

Friday, 5 April 2019


8:45 Opening of the Session Environmental Response in Arctic Areas
Moderator: René Söderman
09:00–09:25 Teemu Niemelä, Finnish Border Guard, “ChemSAR project – Operational Plans and Procedures for Maritime SAR in HNS Incidents”
09:30-09.55 Svetlana Kuznetcova, Northern Arctic Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, “Oil spill risk management in the Arctic Seas in Russia”
10:00–10:25 Tero Airissalo, Furuno Finland Oy “Arctic SAR and OSD (Oil Spill Detection) solutions”
10:30–10:55 Coffee break
11:00–11:25 Pentti Kujala, Aalto University, “Recommended practice of scenario based risk management for Polar waters”
11:30–12:00 Odd Jarl Borch, Nord University, “Nord University preparedness management lab (NORDLAB)”
12:00−13:00 Lunch break
Opening of the Session Arctic Coast Guard Education, Research and Development
Moderator: René Söderman
13:00–13:25 Pablo Molina, Airbus Defence and Space, “Advanced methods for improving the Arctic Maritime Surveillance”
13:30–13:55 Rasmus Dahlberg, Royal Danish Defence College and Morten Thanning Vendelø, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research,  “The Arctic Search and Rescue Game”
14:00–14:25 Jussi Laine, Laurea University of Applied Sciences,  “Computer game environments for maritime search and rescue training”
14:30–14:55 Coffee break
15:00–15:25 Emmi Ikonen, Nord University,  “MAREC: Inter-organizational coordination of mass rescue operations in complex environments – Safety and preparedness challenges for the maritime expedition cruise tourism in the High North”
15:30–15:55 Päivi Mattila, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, “A common platform to enhance cooperation between Arctic security practitioners and other actors”
16:00 Thank you words, closing of the Arctic Coast Guard Seminar 2019

Keynote speakers

Mr Aleksi Härkönen

Ambassador for Arctic Affairs, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland »

Aleksi Härkönen acts as the Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials during the Finnish Chairmanship (2017–2019) of the Arctic Council. Aleksi Härkönen has been the Ambassador for Arctic Affairs for Finland since 2014. Previously, he was Ambassador at the Finnish Embassy in Tallinn (2010–14), Adviser and Member of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic (2009–10), Head of the Finnish OSCE Chairmanship Task Force (2007–09), Finland’s Permanent Representative to the OSCE in Vienna (2002–07), Deputy Director General of the Security Policy and Arms Control Division, Political Department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (2000–02).

Härkönen’s previous positions include Director of the Unit for Security Policy, Political Department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (1998–), Special Assistant to the Minister for Foreign Affairs (1995–97), Counsellor, Political Department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (North America, EU; 1994–95), Counsellor, Finnish Embassy in Washington (1991–94), First secretary, Political Department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Unit for Security Policy (1988–91), Second secretary, Finnish Embassy in Bonn (1986–88) and Second secretary, Finnish Embassy in Caracas (1983–86). Prior to this he was Attaché in different departments at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Secretary General of the World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth Organizations. He holds a Master of Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki.

Mr Marko Tuominen

Commander of West Finland Coast Guard District, Finnish Border Guard »

Captain Tuominen has graduated from Finnish Naval Academy in 1993 and nominated in Finnish Border Guard (FBG) officer post. In FBG Captain Tuominen has served in field tasks from 1993 until 2004. During that period he served as Chief of Coast Guard area, first as First Officer of Coast Guard ship and finally as Captain of Coast Guard Ship for several years.

Since graduating from General Staff Officer Course in 2005, Captain Tuominen has served in FBG headquarters, first as Chief of operations on the Gulf of Finland Coast Guard District and then as Border Guard Expert and a Head of Border Guarding and Readiness Unit in the FBG Headquarters, which also constitutes the Border Guard Department of the Ministry of the Interior. In 2015 he assumed a Deputy Chief of Border and Coast Guard division, since he has been responsible for maritime matters in the FBG Headquarters and was promoted to Captain (CG). In October 2018 Tuominen assumed the position of Commander of West Finland Coast Guard District.

Captain Tuominen was responsible for the Finnish chairmanship of European Coast Guard Functions Forum (ECGFF) 2014-2015, and for the Finnish Chairmanship of Arctic Coast Guard Forum in (ACGF) 2017, before assuming the position of Commander of West Finland Coast Guard District in October 2017.

Mr Tero Vauraste

Chairman, Arctic Economic Council »

Mr. Tero Vauraste serves as the AEC’s Chairman during the chairmanship of the Finnish business community (2017-2019).

Mr. Vauraste serves as Chair of the Arctic Economic Council (AEC), an independent international organization established in 2014 that facilitates Arctic business-to-business activities and responsible economic development through the sharing of best practices, technological solutions, standards, and other information. The AEC promotes free trade and provides advice and a business perspective to the work of the Arctic Council.

Mr. Vauraste is a Master of Science in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management from Leicester University and a naval officer from the Finnish Naval Academy. He has served as a Coast Guard vessel master and special unit commander. His military rank is Lieutenant Commander.
He is extensively experienced in senior executive positions from service industry with Securitas, Finnair, Hertz and Arctia. He is the owner and President of Mariadi ltd, an Arctic and Maritime Consultancy Agency. He beholds various positions of trust. He is Chairman of the Finnish Arctic Society, Chairman of Finland-China Innovation Maritime Subcommittee and a member of Advisory Board of Finnish Lifeboat Institution.

Mr Jens Peter Holst-Andersen

Chair of the Arctic Council work group Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR) »

Jens Peter Holst-Andersen is the Chair of the Arctic Council workgroup Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR). Through work in the Danish Ministry of Defence and as a Navy officer in the Royal Danish Navy Jens Peter has had a career with a focus on the Arctic region – ranging from commanding navy ships in the Arctic to strategic and operational staff work. Before chairing EPPR Jens Peter was the Kingdom of Denmark’s Head of Delegation to EPPR while also a member of the Danish delegation to Arctic Coast Guard Forum.

Mr Auðunn Kristinsson

Chief of Operation, Icelandic Coast Guard »

Capt. Auðunn Kristinsson is from Reykjavik, Iceland. Kristinsson graduated from Reykjavik Navigation College in 1994. He has served in the Icelandic Coast Guard since 1987. He is currently Chief of Operation in the Icelandic Coast Guard Headquarters.

Kristinsson has served as a navigation officer and vessel captain, navigation officer, and rescue swimmer on helicopters / fixed wing aircrafts from 1992 – 2013.

Kristinsson has been a project manager since 2007 running various projects by the coast guard in a field of maritime security and strategy planning. He was the Project Manager for the Coast Guard Maritime Surveillance Aircraft renewal project 2006–2009. Since 2012 he has been responsible for Icelandic Coast Guard’s Frontex participation.


André Noël Chaker

Business Speaker, Writer »

André Noël Chaker is one of Finland’s leading business speakers and writers. He was voted Speaker of the Year 2012 by the customers of Speakers Forum Finland and Speaker, Moderator and Coach of the Year at the Finnish Evento Awards in 2014. In 2015 he received the Business Moderator of the Year award by the customers of Speakers Forum. He was once again nominated Speaker of the Year in 2017. For the past five years André has spoken at over 500 business events in Finland and abroad.
His books The Finnish Miracle (2011) and The Finnish Miracle – One Hundred Years of Success (2017) are among the most sold business books in the history of AlmaTalent, one of Finland’s largest and most established business book publishing companies. His books and his talks have been praised for their fresh and helpful insights into achieving sustainable business and personal success.

André Noël Chaker is a speaker, a writer, a performer, an entrepreneur and a business executive all rolled into one person. He is a law graduate from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He is a member of the New York Bar and the Finnish Lawyer’s association. He also holds an MBA in Finance & IT from Aalto University.
As an entrepreneur, André has been a leading force in many science, technology, gaming and sports related start-up ventures. At a young age he led two major global scientific organisations in sports (ICSSPE, ECSS). He later served as Director of Entertainment and Senior Advisor of the CEO at the Finnish National Lottery, Veikkaus Oy, for nine years.

René Söderman

Senior Arctic Official, Finland »

Civil servant. Arctic cooperation specialist and communications generalist. Speech writer, speaker and moderator. Background in print and TV journalism. Experience from multilateral environmental cooperation, media relations and finance.
Specialties: Arctic cooperation, Climate action, Sustainable Development Goals, Public Diplomacy. Education: M.Sc. (Econ), Hanken Business School.